By nonpcplod

Putford Athena in Lowestoft Harbour

Well the day has come... at 11pm the United Kingdom will no longer be part of the European Union.  An act of enormous folly that I regret and resent and further more I am disinclined to put my feelings aside and 'move on' or indeed "be united in a common vision for our country".

The United Kingdom is being governed by self-seeking, morally corrupt, lying, and mind bogglingly inept politicians who expect me to embrace the 'new dawn' they are inflicting upon us. I don't think so. Changed my facebook photo this morning - see extra...

We went off to Lowestoft to see Mum, she was fine and we had a good visit...

The ship in the photo is the Putford Athena, one of the off-shore support and rescue ships servicing the North Sea gas/oil platforms.

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