By TheOttawacker

Defiance or resignation?

Well, today's the day. 

As one who, having been born and raised in Liverpool, has made his life outside the UK since 1988, it seems the most pointedly stupid of decisions. Brexit has split the UK - metaphorically and, one would imagine in the near future, literally - and for what? I still have not been given an answer.

The bottom line is that there are no benefits for the average citizen. The "élite" - and how I use that word with contempt - will make their millions from shorting currency and investing outside the UK; the working class will suffer inordinately. The middle class will see their standards of living drop.

From when I worked in the government here in Canada, I have tales to tell of the scrambling together of countries to try and see what it all meant. I am unable to tell much of what was said (legalese oblige) ... but I can reveal the phrase used by the PM of a Commonwealth country when asked in 2016 whether he thought Brexit might happen.

"Nah," he said. "Not even the Poms are that f*cking stupid."

And yet here we are. I hope it works out for England - I have no doubt it will work out for Scotland and Northern Ireland. But when the dust settles and truths are finally revealed, it'll be interesting to see what is made of the litany of lies the Conservative Party and the Brexit campaign ran on. 

It really will be interesting, because the majority of the lies were debunked before the votes were cast. But, as elsewhere, if truth is the first casualty, willingly believing lies appears to be the precursor.

At least I can hold my head up and say I did my bit to try and keep the UK in Europe. I'll remain European. And Liverpool, proud defiant city that it is - and never more so than when it's back is against the wall - voted to repel the dunderheaded Brexit barbarians by a massive 80%. Alas in vain.

I can take no credit for this photo. It was from last year's Champions League run. There, if not with Brexit, hope was rewarded with happiness.

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