David J. Rose

By djrose007

Ruby and Brexit

Ruby loves a mirror, it means she has someone else to play with when she is at our house.
She does like reading books with us but stick her in front of the mirror and she chatters away to her friend.
I'm sure she knows it is herself because you can see her doing things like twisting her hand back and forth, shaking her head, and leaning over as in this photo.

Extra is my Brexit contribution. Not really looking forward to 23:00, or 00:00 for those that think it is midnight when we officially leave the EU, as there is bound to be fireworks which Jonty hates.
Of course, nothing is going to change until 11 months time, when the transition period ends.
I'm sure Boris will do his best regarding trade deals, getting Britain going with it's engineering base etc. I have high hopes for him but it's all a bit Insh'allah!
Aussie flag is still flying as well of course because our Tazzie relatives are still with us.

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