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Forced departure

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This morning we got up at silly o'clock and took the train to Rennes to see visit the Prefecture. Our Department has decided to issue all the Brits possible an EU Carte de Séjour, so mine is start-dated the last day that the UK is in the EU. At some point in the future this will be converted into a non-EU Carte de Séjour. The civil servant was very nice and efficient and did her best to wade through the system for us and we were out in just under 30 minutes, with a temporary card and I'll get an SMS telling me when I can collect my permanent one in the next few weeks.

We made it home on the next train, arriving at the station with about 30 seconds to spare, and was back at home at a sensible time. I tried to call my aunt to find out about my step-father but wasn't able to get though. We then did our regular shop and after lunch I tried again to call my aunt. We then went into town to pick up my Carte Vitale (that I had lost at the swimming pool - they had called to let me know they had found it). I tried again to call my aunt without success. In the end I called the hospital directly, only to be told that their system was off-line and they had no idea who was in at the moment and unless they knew which ward he had been admitted to they couldn't really help! Eventually I tracked the ward down, by going through the A&E department and was told that he was "okay". I still don't really know how poorly my father is, but at least he was comfortable and in a bed.


In the evening I took a blip of a candle and an EU flag. At midnight today the UK commits the greatest act of stupidity of any sovereign nation in history by leaving the EU. I don't think this will end well for the UK, and I only hope that the people trapped behind do not suffer too much from their chlorinated chicken, NHS being sold to the American's and all business leaving them, before they are able to rejoin the EU. We fled to France, my wife no longer feeling welcome in England and I was ashamed of the treatment that EU citizens were given from the UK mainstream media.

To the people of Scotland and Northern Ireland, I say if you get a chance to break free of England, please do, I know you didn't vote for this, and I hope you are able to make something good from this. To the Welsh in Wales, who also didn't vote for this (though the English in Wales did), I am sorry that now the EU won't be helping you out, I wish you all the best as you live on the crumbs from England. To my fellow English men and women, remember our problems were always of our own making and never because of Brussels - there isn't anyone else to blame now...

Good luck Britain, you will need it. Remember that the EU is always here to help you out, all you need to do is ask...


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