By Beckett


.... well the forecasters sure got it right this weekend!

It was predicted a hot spell would move through activating more fire outbreaks down South, and here predicted to be up into the mid 40degC!

Well, it did both, there are a couple of new outbreaks in the Bega Valley, and the fire burning South of Canberra is still an issue.

We had a hi according to the weather channel on tele tonight of 46.5degC and our gauge out in the patio at 5pm was 42.5degC!!

Sad thing for the fires and people near those outbreaks, tomorrow is due to be the same, with a change coming through late tomorrow. The best part, rain and good rain is being predicted for later next week, and out in some of the States drier areas.

Took the sunset "over the fence", as it was the only time I went out all day!!!

Enjoy and have a look in LARGE

Thanks so much for the comments and favs on the dragon fly yesterday, appreciated.

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