Queen of the circus

Mario Queen of the circus was performing in the Christchurch Square this afternoon, an outstanding performer and great comic. Marie and I went to Christchurch today and had a great time eating all the bad food , not that I call Meat on Chips bad, very yummy :). I got a Man Bag never thought I would need or want one until I saw a friend with one, I also purchased a  new Belt as my old one has run out of holes. I have gone from a 40 inch waist to a 36 good to see things on a down ward move. Before we left we decided to get some Street Photography in and never realised the World Busking Festival was on, last time we were in Christchurch when the Busking was on, was when Marie had Radiation Treatment for her Bowel Cancer. Mario did a Crowd surf at the end of his performance.

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