By evolybab

Tenerife Day 9

Silly Saturday..... Balancing act!

A quick shop this morning for some weekend supplies, so much less of a chore when you are in shirts, t-shirt and flipflops! A clear, cloudless blue sky, fabulous...Had a chat to a couple sat on one of the many seafront seats, and got some tips on bus and boat trips, very helpful for next week maybe.
I have seen this man several times now, balancing, and walking along the rope. I think he tries to do some yoga poses at the same time, he's pretty good......thought it would make a blip for silly Saturday, thanks to Admirer for the challenge (•‿•)
Took a different walk back to the apartment through some of the back streets and got slightly lost...kept the sea on my right though, so eventually got back.... Walking for a couple of hours all told, with several sit downs in between.....well deserved G&T time now(✷‿✷)

Thank you as always for your responses, they are really appreciated 。◕‿◕。

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