Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Three wise Wotnots?

I don't make the "Milk run" weekly, but have been going regularly for some time now and pass this trough regularly.  I have no way of telling if these wee beasties are long term residents here or have just moved in; I know the trough is not new here.

First glance, I accused them of being Meerkats; then I wondered if they weren't just weather-beaten enough to actually predate Meerkats, could they, conceivably, be three wise "Egogs" (Whereby hangs a tale)

In a previous life I was a school Lab Tech, and would have retired as such had it not been for the low level of pay which dictated that, had we had any kids the choice would be … "Shall we eat, or pay the rent this week?".  Fire Service "take-home" pay was marginally higher than Lab Tech's "Top Line" pay; which is why, in 1977, I was gobsmacked at the concept of a Fireman's Strike, I'd never been so well off, but some lads, with kids actually NEEDED their "fiddle" job to make ends meet.

One of my jobs, not on the job description, was translator of "Sproginese"; for instance:-
Cocernete - concrete.
Egog - probably pronounced Edge Ogg wasn't too difficult either but it gave Taffy Arrowsmith and I a series of laughs translating a lot of them.  

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