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A Fine Looking Fellow

Mrs madwill and I went to Fountains Abbey / Studley Royal today for a walk...the forecast was for a bright afternoon, although it was still raining as we set off mid morning.

The rain stopped just as we arrived it gradually got brighter and warmer during the afternoon. A+ to the weather app!

This pheasant was grazing fairly close to us and as he wandered into a sunny patch his feathers just seemed to glow. 

Later as I was watching the swans on the lake one of them decided to stretch its wings and I managed to fire off a couple of shots .. one in the extras. Wrong camera settings of course, but I quite like it.

Also, as we walked back to the tearoom we passed a small outcrop of rock with moss covered rocks and tussocks of grass. The low sun was shining over it creating some nice shadows. See second extra.

We didn’t take Finlay as it was probably a bit far for him to walk, so I had to take him out when we got back.

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