saw this in the garden center Butterwort carnivorous plant
My daughter some years ago bought me three types..
1 was venus fly trap, that I fed gnats to it,
2 was a butterwort with a cerise flower on that got fed gnats and mossies too!
3 was a different type to these with skinny leaves all covered in sticky droplets that got fed the same diet,
I had them for a few years but I think I went on holiday and they died.
to hot to cold I don't know.
but I have been looking up this one, so here's hoping eh!
this weekend has gone so quick 

Keeping it in the bathroom where is
it will get humidity,water with rainwater or purified water..not must not get fertilizers or minerals in it. like life plain.
special day today. Palindrome 02,,02,,2020  across all cultures, all 8 figures read the same front to back and back to front... the previous palindrone same as this 909 years ago !!! in the year 11,,11,,1111.and at 8.20 tonight it will be 20.20 on 02.02.2020. oh and this sunday is the 33rd day of the year which is followed by 333 more days..
my lovely friend told me this this morning lol...

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