Robert Ostrochovsky

By youoregon1

Sleeping Man

Mono Monday. Looking Out. Sue Middleton.

Positioned in the inside patio, under the arches at Cafe Vianna, we are looking out at the large fountain, front and centre, but it was not operating. Its hours of operation are still a quandary. It is the main focus of attention in the wonderful Praça da República out there. We are also looking out for the sleeping man who had adjusted himself in many poses over the hour we were there. A woman woke him up at one point, in order to see if she could have some of his change. We were looking out for him. And then there is the big screen on the right, showing a futebol game, of course. But, the reflection enables one to look out at the large repurposed bank building, on the far left of the Praça da República. Kind of like smoke and mirrors, without the smoke. I am personally looking out for Layne's wine glass, to be sure it remains filled, while we eat today's special, filetes de pescada. Then there is the lady about to cross in front. I am sure she is looking out for something or someone on this fine beautiful warm day. Aren't we all...

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