By FrankS

Yet More Medical Matters

I try not to mention my major inflictions too much on blip, only when I'm feeling sorry for myself which seems to be the whole of January.  

Anyway, some good news today.  I saw my GP this morning and he says I'm definitely on the mend due to the hundreds of different tablets he gave me last week!  I still have a bit of a wracking cough, but the wheezing is abating. Last week he was threatening me with a hospital stay, he now says that won't be necessary.  

After the GPs we went to Warwick Hospital where I had an appointment with the heart failure discharge nurse following my recent stay.  She was very good and confirmed the doctors diagnosis, though the 'super drug' is on hold until I'm fully OK, if ever!

So to celebrate we drove over to Packwood House for a coffee and peppermint tea.  We had a wander round the garden. In one of the corners is the Gardener's Den. It has a comfy armchair and some reading matter.  There are also two windows, this is the view looking out of the window by the chair. The gardener would have to stand up to see out but would get a nice view of the lake and grounds beyond. I've added the second window as an extra as I think it's quite interesting, though the view is not so defined.

Thanks to SueMiddleton for hosting today's Mono Monday, theme Looking Out.

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