By Artyfartyannie

A tray in the Greenhouse

I'm not even trying to make a nice photo today. Got so much to do but this is the extent of it today. I like to see people's personal stuff actually so I dont know what you'll make of this. I overwatered a tray of stuff and had to take the bits and pieces away or they would be waterlogged........thus I put them aside on this tray.... Must get more of these trays but wont be telling Mr AF !!!!!! 

I couldn't decide what was the most important thing to do today........there were so many things vying for my attention. I decided to semi clean the patio of sawdust (from the joiners work......I said that I would do it to him )....then a partial clear up in the Greenhouse. I noticed a big difference in the light today so let that continue fast.

Does anyone know how to measure wind in an area......I'm trying to find the best place for an Acer that didn't like its conditions last year........

In extra I thought that you might like to see my Grandson's rendition of Donald Trump.......

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