Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Made in Millwaukee

I received these coasters in the mail from a blipmate in Milwaukee, dfb24.
Aren't they lovely!   D says that they are made by a company called "Milwaukee Beer Gear".  Apparently beer is very popular throughout the state because of all those German brewers emigrating there in the late 1800s.  I think a good beer would go down well in most countries!

D says they will also go well with other forms of alcohol or even a coffee.  They look too nice to be used. 

I have put them on a red background and while they are not really tiny, the maps on the coaster are tiny and I did use the macro and so I am going to tag it for Tiny Tuesday, hosted this month by mindful_life.

There is a new "essential" in the corner shop on the corner of Sussex and Erskine street - face masks.  Along with gloves, thongs (jandals/flip flops) gloves and beanie.  I'ts in the extra - go figure.

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