One of three

A ring-necked parakeet first featured in my journal on Christmas Day 2019. Yesterday there were three sitting in the top of our old apple tree, preening themselves companionably. They are now daily visitors, and have mastered hanging on the bird feeders to eat fat-balls and sunflower seeds. There are at least another two present in Peterborough, including a yellow one, so it seems that they're probably here to stay.

This was a snatched photograph in a busy day which involved collecting our repaired printer from town, doing some food shopping, having lunch with Chris and then spending the afternoon with Molly. She had another minor fall on Saturday, but has recovered and was mostly in good form, though sometimes a little confused. We stayed later than planned, so by the time we drove back along the River Welland it was nearly dark. We spotted a hunting barn owl and were delighted to see fifty whooper swans fly in from the fields to roost on the river for the night - magic! 

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