Opera Close

Yesterday may have been a bit less frantic at work, but today more than made up for it.  I had to call into a meeting this morning, which lasted around two and a half hours.  Then my day literally did not stop.  I was meant to be meeting with a new member of staff this afternoon as part of her induction - but I had to get a couple of colleagues to look after her instead, while I picked up a number of urgent requests. We really cannot go on working at this pace for much longer – or at least I can’t.

I had to leave sharp tonight to get home in time for parents evening.  I got to the station and couldn’t find the return part of my ticket.  Nightmare – I had to buy another ticket and just made the train.

Parents evening seemed less manic than last year.  Maybe it’s just because we are used to the speed dating format, or maybe there were less people there.  Anyway BB received a glowing report from every teacher – TT and I were questioning whether this is really the same boy who lives with us.  Seriously though we are delighted he is doing well – he needs to make sure that he keeps working hard.

It was then home to rustle up something for tea, then I had to go out for a walk as sitting at your desk all day does nothing for your step count.  It was actually nice to get out in the fresh air.

An emergency blip tonight – Opera Close.

For the first time in months I have caught up with my blipping.  However it may not last long!

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