Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Time and tide

The view from the top of the Knott down to Arnside Tower and the farm submerged in the morning mist.  The light and mist change so dynamically very first thing.  My calculations always fail to take account of Gus being so slow now going uphill, he knows his limitations and takes his time,  making many stops to read the scent trails. 

The flush of pink in the sky was quickly slipping away as we slowly picked our way up through the woods to the scrubby grassland above. The promise of a sunrise was quickly gone as cloud simply materialised in the sky, while mist rolled up the valley as fast as the tide rises in Morecambe Bay, engulfing the farm and soon the tower too. 

It was to be a more cloudy day than expected, but a good one for getting things done outside.  After weeks of wet weather, D the builder at last had the weather window to replace the mortar below the roof of our dormer.  Now we will be able to get the scaffolding down in time for Reg's emergence in a month or so. The tortoise defences round the garden are currently breached by the footings of the scaffold.

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