Hengistbury Head Beach Walk

What a beautiful day and a fabulous walk with my Wednesday friends - along the beach and around the head to the super-expensive beach huts of Hengistbury Head! It was so warm and sunny that we sat and ate our lunch overlooking the sea without needing any coats. There was no wind - quite a contrast to yesterday! I've clocked up more than 15000 steps, so I've feel I've had some good exercise today, as well as a good catch up with my friends and all that fresh air :)

I took nearly 500 photos but I've not looked at them all yet..... I've added one more in extras (I loved the wisp of cloud) and, of course, there are two more in my two other journals.

A cyclist in silhouette over in my b&w journal

and 'Between The Beach Huts' in 'My Third'

Wide Wednesday theme is 'Something New'. This walk was a first for me, so that fits the theme :)

Thank you so much for all the great comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's jellyfish!

Ann :))

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