Red Light Camera's - The Point of No Return

Ever since my first safety briefing in 1994 one of the things we go over and over is "the point of no return", that is the point when you come to an intersection and it is no longer safe to stop at the light. In trucking you have to take in account the gross weight, the road conditions and the speed you are driving. Every situation is a little different. Now when you livelihood depends on a clean driving record in your private car AND the truck, red light cameras add a dangerous twist.

Many a jackknives have occurred and people have been killed because yes the car can stop but not the 105,500 pound truck behind you. Please remember that if you have to stop quickly. You can find statistics for each side of the story that is red light cameras help and hurt accidents. The two that come up most common is there are less T-bone accidents (the most deadly and severe) but rear end collisions sky rocket as people slam on their brakes not wanting a citation. Breaking this down further, overall cost have dropped but accidents have gone up.

This morning on my way to work it was dark and raining hard. As I came to a known red light camera I saw the don't walk signal stop flashing (a clear sign the light was about to change), knowing I could stop safely, I tapped the brakes and sure enough the light turned yellow. I stopped just fine. The 19 year old behind me assumed I was going to go through a yellow light. As you can see, he didn't stop in time.

I am very grateful though that no injuries occurred.  

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