Looks like it's going to be a warm, wet and very windy weekend so I've been hard at it in the garden all day and am now creaking. I'm trying to get the polytunnel and beds in a reasonable state before departing for New Zealand - less than 4 weeks away! I spotted this as I was working - any ideas? Yes, there has been a spot of farnarkling but fairly restrained. Anyway, the new family tartan I think. 

I love Blip! A fat parcel arrived today from the wonderful Jeano who, concerned about my lack of sparkles for said trip to NZ, has sent me the most glamorous sparkly dress - a delicious emerald aqua green with a million sparkly sequins. I might have blipped me in it but my hair is currently too wild - work out that logic! Thank you so much Jeano :). Actually the hair is another problem. My hairdresser, who I've been going to forever, has broken her ankle and is out of action and I have to find someone else. Aaargh - I hate going to the hairdresser and I hate explaining what I want  - I expect them to just know! and am then shocked when they don't. I know,  in the scheme of things, but ....

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