The Big Golden Dog

By Cowlieowlie

Romeo and Juliet

This morning I wasn't feeling great, so we watched the Baz Luhrmann movie version of Romeo and Juliet as revision. Yay homeschooling! But this afternoon I still had to do an exam on it. This is a copy of the script, in book form, complete with useful little notes telling you what all the Elizabethan words mean. It was the only reasonable photo I took today.

The film is really good, and really crazy. Would highly reccommend.

I haven't really done much else, having felt quite weary. I think I'm starting a cold. Bit of watercolour painting, sketches.... oh, yes, and lots of embroidery. Will have to remember to blip that when it's done.

At dancing class tonight some friend of one of the ladies who runs the class is bringing a whole lot of children from the local(ish) high school to play live scottish country dance music for us to dance to. I think I might take some of the shortbread to give to them - we have far too much. I wish I could have shared it on Blipfoto - you're a lovely bunch!

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