Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Fabulous indoors, and out

Here they are, three of the four papers I bought yesterday, ordered from Italy. They came tightly rolled so they are weighted to keep them a bit more open. Note the Canadian First Nations soap stone carving.The fabric I wrote about yesterday is in the left hand corner. All very Emma and Pride and Prejudice!

I baked three different guten free, dairy-free, egg-free breads today, avoiding all the many elements that make my lovely sister-in-law sick.They were recipes suggested by Annika who is a whizz at cooking and baking, and alternative nutrition.All three worked and two worked really well. Now resting in the big freezer waiting for next week. It took nearly all day. I will make corn bread tomorrow.

We got a walk in the afternoon, the sun was setting around 3.15 as we were down by our lake. The extra shows some of the glory of it all. We stood there for a long while, in the clear, crisp air bathing in the sun light. It was minus 7 when I got up this morning and stayed cool all day, now it's back at 7 below. We just got in from town having eaten dinner with Rose at the Syrian restaurant by the water, and having seen the film Sami Blood, for the second time on the big screen. It is a powerful film that really stays with you, well worth a second look. The northern lights lit up a section of the perfectly clear sky in our village this evening, greenish and very lovely. That's the first sighting this winter.

So, 45 was given a clean slate, Mitt Romney found his moral backbone somewhere or other, in the UK the mini-45 lookalike continues his crazy progress and no moral backbone of any kind is seen in his government. In Sweden we are still sending young Afghanis to Afghanistan, a country they have no memory of, and where they are considered enemies because they are Hazzars, and some have converted to Christianity so they can expect persecution because of that.The churches all throughout Europe have been a safe haven for so many refugees, it isn't surprising that some of them find faith in that context. But the converts are mostly seen as opportunists, and not taken seriously by the authorities. These are almost children of 18. They have often been in Sweden for 4 years, arriving alone as kids and have learnt the language, made friends, & been in foster families who love them. And on and on, as Kurt Vonnegut used to say - when there was no sense to something, and no changing it. I hope for change in all of the above. 
Meanwhile, pass the chocolate. And perhaps the crisps too. And let me fest my eyes on that gorgeous, extraordinary paper!

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