By WharfedaleBex

The three bears

When I looked out of the window this morning and it was foggy, it just gave me the feeling it was a little too early to be that thick for it to be clear higher up.  The mist is a bit like Goldilocks - you need it just right!

The odd patches of blue hovered above - tantalisingly close. But a cold easterly had also picked up and it seemed a temperature inversion was going to be unlikely with the air being churned like a slow washing machine.

I let Little Dog potter up today and we kept on walking higher up, with her enjoying a little off lead time on the way down.  It's not an easy decision now she's losing her hearing, particularly in the mist - the thought of losing her and her not hearing me to come back is not a good thought. There wasn't much to hide behind up there though so she was safe and having fun.  The fog didn't drop but I found some fine atmosphere at the Twelve Apostles stone circle instead, with these two grouse there to meet me.  

We weren't the only hopefuls.  Ed and Co were on their way down as I was heading up and Jason, I met as I was walking back down to the car.  We had a little chat and a wander back up to the cairn before I headed off home to warm up.  That took a while!  

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