The Big Golden Dog

By Cowlieowlie

Leonardo da Vinci

Don't worry, this isn't him. The big group of 'Christian Homeschoolers in Southeast Scotland' that we are a part of had an outing today to the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at Holyrood Palace. We did it as a 'school' type tour, so that meant we got the extra bits in the 'education room' with the tour-guide lady as well as a look round the gallery. Leonardo da Vinci apparently studied lots of anatomy, so we got to look at various plastic skulls and other bones in our little groups. Someone's little brother got hold of a detective hat (what does that even have to do with Leonardo da Vinci?) and of course the plastic skull ended up wearing it. It was lovely to see all our home-ed friends again, as we haven't been to any of the meetings for ages.

So yes, we had fun. I did lots of sketching, as well as taking pictures of various vaguely inspiring drawings. Apparently Leonardo da Vinci was incredibly creative, almost never finishing a project, but always full of new ideas. Me and mum decided he reminded us of our art teacher, who struggles often to teach because she has so many creative ideas for what we could learn in her head!

This afternoon I felt extremely weary, and didn't do much. A bit of fun creative writing, and a little watercolour painting. Nice and restful.

There's a dance on tonight in Port Seaton - we might go. Probably not. We'll see. Port Seaton community centre is a lovely place to dance in, because it's so big, and there will be live music! I

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