simple moments

By simplemoments

surprise...’s blooming

so after i experienced the flooding - last year and had it - impact a lot of my plants - well some of them - i was able to rescue - they ended up being - what i have called - my ‘warrior’ plants - because if you had seen - the total destruction caused - by the sheer hit of over - a half ton of water - in addition to a slew of insulation debris - falling from the ceiling - mixing with the water - dirt and dust hitting them - let’s just say - it’s a miracle any of my plants - survived at all - i can’t imagine the shock - it must’ve been to their growth - systems to experience such trauma

so i had little hope - that over the following months - they would continue to live - however much to my - joy and delight each and - every one has far exceeded - my expectations in the growth arena

this little orchid - is proof positive - as i had to do some pruning - with it and then waited - and waited, i was surprised - when suddenly these tiny pods - began to grow - i thought they were going - to be branches but instead - have turned out to be blooms - how incredibly warrior-like is that? - truly it is...


happy day.....

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