By FrauPic

Gentrification...and another roofie

This made-over house is for sale. Of course, for a very posh price. Spotted this person and wondered: potential buyer or estate agent? This neighbourhood is changing and is might - if gentrification progresses at this rate - at some stage lose its "free", artsy, colourful, leftwing/anarchist character.

Otherwise really busy day, and a successful one, too. I eventually seem to have overcome a few blockades (something a bit similar to writer's block, only much less creative) that prevented me from finishing certain tasks for the last couple of weeks - which got me very worried - a bit like losing the grip... I've not experienced that before and am not like that, usually... Dropping into H.'s copy and print shop and then posting a bunch of registered letters felt very rewarding. Also, like a huge weight off my chest :)

Spent a nice evening with my RoR mates, doing carnival preparations.

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