By Bella888

Calm before the storm

Tomorrow we’re expecting Storm Ciara “
(according to the Daily Express, “STORM CIARA is racing towards the UK, with the Met Office issuing multiple "danger to life" warnings”). We’ll see, but it does look like a bad one - by UK standards anyway. And almost the whole country is on amber warning.

So seeing today’s lovely weather today, it had to be a walk on the front. To ‘Monkey Island’ to search for the new goats. And they were there, where ‘Crispin’ told me he had seen them >[

The silly goats had kilometres of cliff to graze, yet they were after the green grass on the other side of the fence. So to oblige, Mr B climbed over the second shorter fence and grabbed a few handfuls for them.

My main is of the ‘capo’ - the boss. He’s rather cute. Then in extras, one of Mr B feeding the ‘capo’, and the second of the surfers by Boscombe Pier.

We walked up to Sainsburys in Boscombe, first stopping for an enjoyable Cornish Orchards Cider - which ‘rmeinz’ had recommended - (no Aspall) on the terrace at James & White (formerly Reef Encounter).

Thanks to Admirer for today’s Silly Saturday. Early night beckons.

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