By jac1954


Yes B;k Jac certainly snores ZzzzzzzzZzzzzzzZzzzzzz!
This is where I left him while I went out to Manningtree Essex.
I went to buy the cleaning products I need, I buy things that don't harm the environment ,I don't like the long lists of chemicals in things nowadays.
So after buying 3 liters of laundry wash  liquid, and then 3 liters of washing up liquid, Oh and a lovely bar of soap smelling of well how can I say, Turkish delight, one of my favorites. 
The shops in Manningtree are very quaint, funny little doorways or rounded windows. none the same,I love that.so been in a couple of the charity shops so I can buy things I don't really need,  but there you have it,things make me happy,so I bought two glasses with very heavy bottoms that come half way up the glass. and one of those teapots that have a wide cup underneath. love that too!. and then there's the cushion cover of a psychedelic  cat face on it.Well I really need one of those eh! will blip things in the future.
Extras of the boats when the tide had gone out ,wish I could live here but I think it's a bit expensive for me.

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