Leah and I met with our friend Robbie here today regarding the cakes/cupcakes for our wedding. I mean, seriously, who else would we have make them? We've been big fans of Robbie and Adam's Stir Crazy Baked Goods since we first met them not long after arriving in Fort Worth (they didn't have their actual store front yet and sold at markets and events). But our meeting ended up being an hour and a half conversation and catch-up session covering all sorts of important topics: learning more about the inner workings of small business, life histories, medical advice, raising kids, moving around, getting married. We laughed, we ate cupcakes and cookies, we enjoyed the company on this beautiful, slow-paced Sunday afternoon.

Afterwards, we headed to Michael and Mel's for a porch beer and more conversation and laid back time with friends. I was going to do the group pub ride tonight but we ended up grabbing dinner out instead and are now back home and in for the night. Holiday tomorrow for everyone but Leah and I are setting an all-day library extravaganza to catch up for all the relaxed social time today. I hate that it has to be like that, that the weekends can never be fully devoted to rest and recuperation. Then again, if we had "normal" 9-5 type jobs, we wouldn't have summer breaks, spring breaks, and winter breaks. So, it all evens out of course.

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