By BikerJim


~The Art Of Contemplation~

Standing up on Sunset Ridge tonight I was struck by how all encompassing this heavenly roof over my head was and how small and insignificant compared to it I am. Things seem big and blown out of proportion when I'm sitting in my room, thinking about all the problems and concerns that are woven into life. Loves that were lost and friendships missed out on, opportunities passed by and advantages misunderstood, anger not avoided and pleasures overindulged, times that have vanished and moments that never were. But up on the ridge it doesn't matter, I mean it does matter, but not really. Do you know what I'm trying to say? There is life to be lived and that is important, and then there is life to be enjoyed just for life's sake. Learn to recognize what is important and then reject what is a waste of your time. A solitary focused moment is precious and more valuable than a lifetime misdirected.

Thanks all, TucsonJim ;o)

A Larger Wonderment

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