By WharfedaleBex

To the rescue

So, apparently, these little guys can survive submerged in flowing water for a few days as they can breathe oxygen through their skin from the water.  But, they can't survive car tyres.  It took longer to get home than expected as so many seemed insistent on a long distance outing across tarmac.  I helped a few on their way.

We have our fingers crossed for the brocken hunter's long distance journey home.  Our exit roads are flooding around us. Flights have been cancelled. Trees are down. 

We caught up with him last night but almost had to tear him off the moors; he's spent almost all hours of the day and night up there this week.  Talk about putting in the effort!  

And, unbelievable: I've just looked back a year ago to find when my February brocken spectre was and it was a year ago to the day when Jason found his.  Now, that's peculiar!

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