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St Anne's Cathedral...

I was across in Belfast for the night to go to my cousin in laws album launch. Never been to an album launch so that's one ticked off the list. It was a great night catching up with my Irish family and the actual launch event was brill.

The next day I got dropped off early in Belfast city centre and just took a massive saunter. Watch yells me I walked around 10km zigzagging across the city. Stopped for a coffee and matter with another cousin in law. Went to see this interesting cathedral with a modern steeple popping out of an existing old cathedral. Found a small chapel. Went round city hall and stopped for a lunchtime drink in dome ornate pub by the bus station.

Very thourghly enjoyable wee triplet. Getting back got a proper listen to the album in proper stereo and it is really good. If you fancy giving it a listen I think it's on Spotify. Experiments in Energy by Stuart Leatham.

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