By Rosemarie55

A Day Indoors!

8°C  -  Feels like 3°C  -  39 mph Wind Speed  -  57 mph Gusts  - Drizzle  -  Cloudy  -  Some Sunshine.  Definitely a day to stay indoors!  I thought I'd catch up on my German and watch some German TV programs.  (I get German TV through Astra Satellite.) -  I thought the sound on TV would cut out the sound of the gale outside. Sod's Law  -  when I switched on I got a screen message telling me my LNB Cable had fused, and to restart when it was fixed.  Well, I never knew I had an LNB cable, let alone fix it.  My first thought was to call the TV engineer tomorrow  -  fortunately I had a second thought  -  have a look on YouTube for the answer.  HERE it is!  Saved a lot of money by fixing it myselfâ˜ș -  and still watch German TV!  My blip  -  the LNB cable (the silver one) and the tools I used to fix it.  

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