After the Storm

So storm Ciara arrived during the night. We didn't have any damage but a few pots blew over and we ended up with next door's Wheelie bin in our front garden.

We, and half the town's population it seems, decided that indoor entertainment was called for so we went to the cinema. The Everyman was showing The Personal History of David Copperfield at one pm and we just squeezed in.

Excellent afternoon entertainment whilst it's blowy and raining outside. I'd read the book some years back and it was good to see the characters come to life.

We lingered in the cafe/bar after the film with a coffee. I don't really like to admit it but this cinema is growing on me, even though I still feel a little resentment at the closing of the Picture House. The lift foyer has a picture of an over enthusiastic blipper, see extra.

Into the evening the storm began to abate a little.  I have taken this view from the house prior on blip, but I guess each skyscape is different!

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