Bright and Breezy!

Apparently the storm yesterday evening was just a low pressure prelude to Ciara...thankfully the only casualty was the bird feeder blowing over, though no damage was sustained. The fox did half inch the coconut shell filled with bird cake at some point though but the birds didn’t seem to mind the low level feeding this morning (extra).

Rudely awakened by the phone this morning when Calor gas rang to say they’d be filling the tank in about 15 minutes and could we clear the vehicles off the drive! That set me wrong for the day so I’ve had a very lazy PJ day! 

Apart from a few squally showers it’s been quite sunny today and although breezy I don’t think we’ve had it too bad compared to other parts of the country. Luckily my scan was rescheduled for Friday otherwise we’d probably have been down in Cheltenham for the weekend at an Ariel Club do...I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to be travelling today!

Thanks to Marlieske for hosting Derelict Sunday.

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