February Moonset

I awoke ridiculously early this morning and saw that the sky was clear and the moon was near full. Hoping to capture it over the mountains I set off in the dark to the old quarry. However, by dawn I saw that the moon was going to overshoot the mountains and would set over the Russell Range of hills. The main shot does show Foggy Peak, which is the southern end of the Torlesse Range, on the right.

Sunrise came a few minutes too late to get the best light and colour. When the moon is low and the hills are close it all happens so quickly. By the time the moon touched on the hill the light of the not yet risen sun was lending some colour. See first extra.

After the moon had set I waited a few more minutes to watch the rising sun lighting up Mount Torlesse. See 2nd extra.

Other moonset shots.

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