A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Mono Monday 316 :: MM316 :: Looking In

MMC20 #10

It has been a hair-raising night for some, apart from the missing roof felt on my shed we have little damage. It has had repercussions on my day though.

What should have been a 10-minute drive from home to a hospital ended up a mad dash on foot to get there on time! A tree had fallen on a cut through lane pushing extra traffic onto the A21 and through Farnborough village. 

Still 1.6 miles from the hospital I abandoned my lift and hot-footed it up Farnborough Hill passing 2 buses on way, they should have been 20 minutes apart! Neither caught me up by the time I got to the hospital. 

I arrived 7 minutes late and having waited since August for the appointment I feared I was going to be told to go away. Luckily I was straight in. It appears I will need to live with the hand tremors and buy a good tripod...

My daughter, who was giving me the lift, continued to the hospital and arrived 10 minutes after I did. 

I spotted this sign as I went through the village on foot. I snapped it from the bus on the way back. I was taken by the shadow of the ornate street lamp on the frontage. 

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