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The Old Forge (Tuesday 11th February 2020)

I left it a bit late in the day to go outside to photograph these narcissii in the woodland garden today. Everything is slow to get going here and there is only one small bunch of snowdrops out of all that were planted, but various crocuses are beginning to emerge.
11.2.2020 (1826 hr)

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Taken with Pentax KS-1 (Blue) and Pentax smc P-DA* 55mm F1.4 SDM prime lens

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Stevie Wonder - I'm Wondering (recorded 16 August 1967, Hitsville, Detroit MI)
After the Tamla Motown imprint was launched in the UK they began compiling their most recent hits in a series called Motown Chartbusters. Not only were these the original recordings, unlike those Top Of The Pops 'party' albums that you could buy in Woolworth's, but most of the tracks had been mixed into stereo for the first time. Since many singles were not to be found on albums by the artists in question, these compilations were the only place to find them at the time.
While I was at the Music & Video Exchange last Thursday, I found Vols. 1-3 on CD in a set contained in a cardboard sleeve, for which I spent three £1 vouchers. Today I was listening to Vol. 2 which included this non-album single, which had reached no. 11 on the Billboard US chart. There are references to Jim and Jimmy throughout the lyric, thought to be alluding to Jimmy Mack, subject of Martha and the Vandellas' contemporaneous hit. Stevie provides vocals, keyboards and harmonica in his exuberant style throughout, accompanied by the Andantes vocal group and the Funk Brothers.

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