Winging It

Gloriously sunny, hideously windy and bitterly cold, I never had any expectations of seeing any owls at all but went up onto the hills anyway. How wrong could I have been and how utterly right was my decision to try whatever. 

A chilly 4ºC and standing at one point in driving hail I started to question my sanity however with my heated gilet going full blast and pocket warmers lit I was fairly snug that is until I had to start using the lens. Finger tips then were like icicles! 

The barn owl got lucky over in the copse see extra and a shortie came and sat virtually next to me in the field as I was driving home. I must have been with it for nearly a quarter of an hour with my presence being muffled by the wind storming off the field towards it. I've never been as close as that before and the experience was quite something.

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