Which way is up?

That's a question which has defied a satisfying answer for some weeks now, at work. Not all the time. Indeed, most of the time (until the next instance of a phone call at an inconvenient moment, from someone needing an urgent [= immediate] response) I know my topside from my backside. Working with a senior trainee who is eager to learn, and add to her already considerable knowledge and skills, is professionally very satisfying. More than 20 years ago I wrote an essay on the duty of a professional to her colleagues, past present and future, and I have always found that duty to the future psychiatrists amongst the most stimulating and rewarding aspects of my job. 

Lacking motivation to go one more time to one of my usual haunts for a blip, I decided to play with the glass sphere again. I struggled initially, probably because the wrong lens was on the Pentax. Rather than change lenses, I opted to change cameras, and the Lumix proved perfect for experimentation.

As can be seen, I have inverted the image which the camera produced for me. Feeling pleased with it, I took another look at my accidentally obtained selfie. And saw that it could have been left uninverted. Giving me an appropriate title for the day.

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