Seit 1950

This place is crazy. It's a tiny (and I mean really tiny) little food place. There is room in there for the one woman who runs it but no one and nothing else! (see extra).

And there was a queue of people lined up waiting for their order. Our host (Daniela) says it is always crowded but since this is February and it's quite chilly out, there were only a couple of dozen people there today. Only! 20 or 30! 

For your patience you are rewarded with two thin "hotdogs" (they are actually a special wiener that is (apparently) available only here in Salzburg. 

They were good. But I'm not sure I'd queue up behind more than a few people to have another.

In other news - we were back in Salzburg today to visit a number of the "Sound of Music" sights. Karin and my daughter Tessa are kind of Sound of Music crazy and were keen to see some of the locations used in the filming of the early '60s classic. 

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