An entirely new experience.

So, 50 minutes of skilled dental surgery happened to me. If you are not keen on the blow by blow account, skip the next bit down to the ***!

I laid a firm foundation with a session of yoga under my own steam this morning. Gustav did the actual surgery, Linda was assisting, and I was a model patient - according to me. I love having things explained to me, I like the blow by blow stuff. So, I got the run down before, and during and I asked for more information afterwards as well. I also asked for a look at the mean little root hook that meant the surgery was necessary in the first place. There was an interesting episode with much hammering, as the man said, unbelievably the most gentle way of dealing with this sort of extraction.

It felt like my mouth was a miniature building site for a while with tools and noises that are familiar in construction. I love that the tools are so tiny and so beautiful, precision instruments for precise jobs. The words scalpel, hammar, chisel and saw were bandied about freely. I remained calm and comfortable (almost 100%) throughout. I genuinely find it all interesting, but obviously would rather it wasn't happening to one of my own pearly whites. If I could have seen what was going on it would have been more to my liking... (when my dad was having a knee replacement done without being put to sleep, he asked if he could watch. The rather shocked surgeon said he could not. Dad was disappointed, and I get that)

An implant is out of the question as there is too little bone left, the crack and subsequent infection saw to that - thank goodness I didn't wait once I knew something was up! So the gap will be filled with a bridge, all being well. As it is I have no bite at all on the right and that will only cause more problems in the future. I've got a new appointment in 2 weeks to remove the 4 stitches, & more discussion about the way to get a lovely bite back will take place then. 

It all costs a bomb, but I think it is gold well spent. Teeth are vital to our health in more ways that we used to know. Chewing is good for the brain, and for heart health the teeth are crucial. More gold will flow out as the reconstruction work is done, I am grateful that I have the means. The Swedish health service doesn't regard the teeth as part of the body really, so the usual national heath system (which is very generous, although not free) doesn't apply. A gorgeous well cared for smile is once more become a marker of class and financial status, which is very sad indeed.

I feel a bit strange, still not completely un-numb 8 hours after the anaesthetic. I'm taking the painkillers as instructed and am only experiencing discomfort to be honest. I hope it stops bleeding before bedtime, but since that will be very, very late today there's a good chance!

*** Our visitors should be arriving at a quarter to midnight this evening. If I do go, I won't be behind the wheel! They will be ready for a cuppa when they get here I should think, or perhaps a glass of red. We have minus temperatures, sun and snow on the cards for the next two days, so things are looking up. The blip is me sewing some tailored cotton liners for Keith's baking baskets, the bannetons he uses when letting the dough rise. (I think he was impressed I could knock one up in minutes, it only involved minimal skill really!) There will be fresh bread this evening, one lot utterly gluten and grain-free, and one sourdough lot for the rest of the gang.

The lovely lynx of yesterday hasn't reappeared, of course. It was such a special moment. I haven't seen either wolves of bears yet, even though they are in our area. (There are bears a kilometre from the village, but the wolves are only passing through.) I think we would like all three rare creatures to look in on us this coming week, with an elk thrown in for good measure. Our regular visitors, the roe deer and red squirrels will be here fore sure. And a lot of birds, this morning a lovely blackbird - they didn't use to over-winter here, but this year we have them. Climate change is real if you ask me. 

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