By BernardYoung

We Are So Many

Therefore some
will steal your catalytic converter
will let their dog crap on your drive
will kidnap your cat just so they can hurt her
will revel in confrontation
will not hand in your lost wallet
will try to steal your personal information
will dupe you out of your life savings
will advocate deportation for those not of their nation
will cheat on you once you’re married
will say I will but won’t
will only ever do as they want
will lie to get your vote
will walk off with your umbrella and your coat
will stab you in the back
will slit your throat et cetera, et cetera…

but please note;
most of us value kindness and love
we desire all the good stuff
that’s around and beneath and above
we lend a helping hand
we wave to neighbours
give strangers a smile and are not ridiculous
for mostly assuming
that others don’t wish to harm us.
So be it. So be it.

The photo shows a small section of some work in progress
by a friend of mine, artist Bernard Barnes

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