it's a blast!

By blast


We took Jex out for a walk again this morning; this time to Hatfield Forest. After spending about 3 hours there and stopping at the cafe for coffee, we set off to take Jex home. About a mile down the country lane we saw a horse bolt out of a field and down the road and then, through a gap in the hedge, the rider who had been thrown off in the middle of a ploughed field. 

To cut a very long story short,  she had a broken arm/shoulder and was going into shock. J was trying to persuade the 999 call handler that waiting 3 hours for an ambulance was not acceptable, when a man in a 4x4 suddenly drove up to us and took charge. He was not only a very competent and equipped first aider, but offered to take her to A&E. He and J got her up and into his car, whilst I was still in charge of Jex. 

We had to stop at the stables first, where the horse had returned, so that J could collect the rider's car (with her two dogs in the back) and take it back to her house; I followed behind with a very well-behaved Jex in the footwell of our car. We took the dogs into the house and tried unsuccessfully to ring the woman's daughter. However, when we spoke to the 4x4 man, the rider had been admitted to hospital and contact had been made with her mother, so we could all finally go home! 

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