Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Good Capture

After dropping some film for developing off in Cardiff, I headed to Forest Farm Nature Reserve, Coryton, Cardiff, to see what birds I could find. I haven't been for about a year and it was sad to see vandals had set fire to one of the hides completly destroying it. The calibre of some human beings leaves a lot to be desired!

This meant that the one hide remaining was quite a distance from its pond so my camera was on the extreme of it's range in capturing a Kingfisher that I photographed that had caught a fish and was in the process of swinging it violently to stun it before eating as my photograph shows.

With my spare batteries being flat (seems they hadn't charged properly) I was only there an hour and on getting back to the car it was raining and the grey clouds had come in after this mornings stunning red sunrise.

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