creative lenna

By creativelenna

watering the garden

Eleanor wanted to use her water can beach toy, so I told her we could water my garden outside! She chose to water the lavender, which her dada (my son Dallas) grows in their garden up north :o)

It was so good she was feeling better and wanted to water the plants! The first morning after they arrived we had a terrible scare. Eleanor had a seizure from a rapidly elevating fever and we had to call EMS. They talked over the phone with helpful instructions until the ambulance arrived. They took her to the hospital with her mom, evaluated & tested her. Steve & Dallas followed. 

Eleanor had been sick the past two weeks (cough, cold symptoms) but her parents had taken her to the Dr before traveling. Turns out she had developed an ear infection, as well as now a very mild case of pneumonia, the hospital x-rays showed. The DR prescribed an antibiotic plus fever reducing medications. A couple of days of taking that & she was pretty much back to her 3 year old self. :o) Thank goodness! It was very scary for all of us, but all is well now.... I will be back with a few more blips as time allows! 

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