David J. Rose

By djrose007

More little visitors

Yesterday we had Ruby visiting and today it was Hendrix, Buddy and the twins Isabella and Harriet.
They didn't stay long, Marlane is still quite ill with this ongoing cold/flu and it has hit her worse than anyone.
Hendrix was laughing a lot but I just couldn't capture it and be in focus but I thought this was rather a strikingly lovely photograph of him.
The twins appear to be getting the blame for eating all the chocolate, and they can hardly deny it looking at their faces!! To be fair to them, they had eaten a good dinner beforehand.
The other photograph is from yesterday but I didn't want to blip it. I visited my father in laws grave just to see what needs to be done and to have a little chat with him. it was 15 years since he died on Valentines Day 2004. I need to get a new cordless grass strimmer but before then I'll trim around with hand shears once Dennis has blown himself out.
It's pretty horrendous out there with huge gusts of wind and lashing rain yet again. I didn't know that Fiffi, my sister in law, had left an Australian flag on the grave. It is she who, a couple of years back, left the 'Trout Fish Tasmania' sticker on the bottom of the headstone.
Another of my relatives died on 14 February but back in 1965 just 3 months before I joined the RAF. My grandmother, on my fathers side, died at home in Tarrington, Herefordshire. We, me my Mum and Dad, were all down there at the time so it is quite vivid in my memory, I was 16 years old.

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