Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo


Half Man Half Biscuit!
The pop-culture references will provide future historians with an invaluable guide to the last thirty years.

Bob Wilson, Anchorman!
Fucking Hell, it’s Bob Titmuss
Bastard Child of Dean Friedman
I can put a tennis racket up against my face and pretend that I am Kendo Nagasaki
Your Brand New 10K PB
We don’t care about your creative hub

Before that, I took advantage of the upcoming strike to book a cheap Eurostar to see H in Paris. So, whilst we need the employers to crumble, bringing about the validation and empowerment of the proletariat, maybe not too quickly?

Good ol’
The Light at the End of the Tunnel (Is the Light of an Oncoming Train)
Venus in Flares
Renfield's Afoot
Bad Losers on Yahoo Chess
Running Order Squabble Fest
What Made Colombia Famous
Restless Legs
Ode to Joyce
Fuckin' 'Ell It's Fred Titmus
Bob Wilson - Anchorman
Letters Sent
Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes
The Bastard Son of Dean Friedman
Look Dad No Tunes
Floreat Inertia
Every Time a Bell Rings
Vatican Broadside
99% of Gargoyles Look Like Bob Todd
Joy Division Oven Gloves
For What Is Chatteris...
The Bane of Constance
All I Want for Christmas Is a Dukla Prague Away Kit
We Built This Village on a Trad. Arr. Tune
National Shite Day
The Trumpton Riots
Ready Steady Goa
When the Evening Sun Goes Down
War Dance
(Killing Joke cover)
Everything's A.O.R.

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