Light in the Wings

Another bad night, but at least I have today off.  

Solicitors first thing about changing my will, then a quick walk in the park while the sun was still out!  The canal was racing with water, and the swans battling against it...

I will really miss this place when I move.

Home and the only local removal firm came to look for a quote - this is when I  realise just how much stuff  I still have even after all the clearing out!!!  I will have to clear out yet more stuff I think...17 years in the same place.

One of the things that irritates me about where I live is the constant revving of a motorbike that a neighbour has, I really won't miss that.  Yes I can appreciate they have one, but why hour after hour does this revving go on morning, noon and night??

Here's to a peaceful afternoon reading, hopefully before going to my weigh in!

Back to work tomorrow...

Happy Monday folks :)

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