By BentleyTBear

One Dough/Two Loaves

No lesson on the Italian Bread Making Course this week (half-term), so I practised on my own.  Still working on the pagnotta, a simple rustic loaf. 

Made a 1kg batch of flour, which I proved for 24 hours, and then split in two.  The first went into a standard tin for a couple of hours, and was baked in the oven (with a bit of steam).  The second went into a proving bowl for a couple of hours and was then baked using the dutch oven technique.  (This worked much better the second time around.)

Both were baked in the same oven for the same amount of time; but look very different.  I prefer the look of the second; but don't think there is much in it in terms of taste and texture.  More work needed!!

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